What are the Advantages of using VOIP Phone Service in Call Centers?

Most new strategies, processes and services are implemented in the hope of making life easier for customers and making the customer journey as easy as possible. A goal is easily achieved with technological progress. Today, every industry is constantly looking for ways to upgrade its services. With the introduction of technology, there were opportunities that did not exist before.

It is therefore not surprising that the customer service industry also has modern technological changes. One of the technologies used by customers over the last ten years is Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Voip call center phone systems are becoming increasingly popular because of the unique advantages they can offer a customer service department.

What is VOIP?

Voip is a technology that allows you to make broadband internet calls instead of a typical analogue telephone line. It works by transforming your voice into a digital signal that passes through the internet. Because you use the internet, you do not need a phone during voice calls.

VoIP calls can be made from VoIP’s, computers or adapters. The digital signal can be sent directly to another computer or VoIP Phone Systems, or converted into a normal telephone signal if you contact an analogue phone. You can even call wirelessly via Wi-Fi.

Depending on your service provider, you may only be allowed to call other VoIP subscribers. However, most companies that invest in VoIP will make sure that you can contact any phone number, regardless of distance.

The use of VoIP offers many advantages over traditional telephone services. Here are three main reasons why you should consider adopting a VoIP call center system: .

1. Lower Price

In Verizon, the traditional unlimited mobile plan is between $ 40 and $ 60 for four lines a month. A landline house plan starts at 79, 99 dollars per month. A VoIP business plan starts at 35 dollars per month for one to ten lines and can reach up to 25 dollars per month for 21 plus lines.

It is clear that you can see the price difference between an analogue telephone plan and a VoIP telephone service. Many companies have made the switch because of the reduced communication costs.

After all, if you have a computer, microphone, speaker and Wi-Fi connection, you will probably find and use a free VoIP service.

2. Better Features

Voip telephone service offers all the same features as a traditional telephone plan : voicemail, caller ID, forwarding of calls, three - way calls and many others. In addition, it offers even more features, such as the convenience of connecting them to your computer or other device. Employees can answer or call and listen to voicemail directly from their computer, laptop or tablet.

3. Video Calls

Voip reached its peak popularity in 2003, when Skype was created. The app allows you to make videoconferencing and phone calls and share instant messaging. The possibility of using such services free of charge was revolutionary and a key aspect of VoIP, which cannot be achieved by traditional telephone services.

Now that you know the best reasons to switch from a traditional telephone plan to a VoIP phone service, consider the best providers like Vakratundaya and Company for VoIP Phones and Dialers to find the best solution for your business.


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