In the BPO  PROJECTS industry, each situation is unique and requires a specific set of solutions. For this bpo projects, we help our clients/centers define the ideal outcome for the situation, and through strategic planning we were able to achieve a great end result.


Vakratundaya (Vakratundaya And Company) is the first online supply and demand based client service providing company in India. With over 500 BPOs under their umbrella, Vakratundaya caters to the end-to-end supporting functions to all call centers to provide customer service, BPO services, data resources and others to name a few.

The company functions on a demand and supply management model where client organizations and BPOs are helped to find the right fit for their requirements. In the last 10 years from commencement of business, Vakratundaya has thus helped thousands of clients and BPOs match themselves and gain substantial results through cost-free campaigns. As the mission of the company is to simply provide reliable supply and demand based campaigns, it does not charge any call center for the campaigns provided because we believe in Collective Efforts Inclusive Growth.

Company Information:

We are the 1st supply and demand for BPO Services online, with more than 10 years of experience in Customer Excellence end to end, partnering with all call centers and clients worldwide and providing supporting functions to all call centers to provide tele sales, customer service, BPO services and many more.

Type of Business: Private Company

Founded on: *2007

Founder and Co-Founder: Raju Barua, Deepali Barua

Areas Served: India, USA, and Australia

Headquarters Location: Jorhat, Assam, India

Other Offices: California, USA and Gordon, NSW, Australia

Industry: BPO, Client Service Sector

Size of Company: Small

Languages Available In: English

Website: Vakratundaya and Company


In 2007, due to the lack of any local BPO campaign providers in India, founder Mr Raju Barua decided to bring a trustworthy and reliable umbrella of services on the Indian platform. After careful planning and execution, he managed to bring a huge spectrum of clients and call centres under a single roof with the help of his team. This allowed the company to match the right clients with suitable BPOs which would cater to all their customer care and campaign demands. Being the first of its kind, Vakratundaya has managed to make a niche and capture a significant chunk of renowned clients globally.


The Founder, Mr. Raju Barua has over 15 years of experience in the e-commerce and BPO campaigning industry. Through his expertise and knowledge, he has led Vakratundaya to collaborate successfully with over 500 BPOs all over the world to provide their services to clients.

Range of Services and Specialties:

The company provides free BPO campaigns for all types of call centers in various sectors of the industry. It specializes in customer services for start-ups, small and medium sized businesses. Some of the sectors include Medicare, banking, student loans, and more.

Vakratundaya has helped several small and medium-sized call centers and thrive by providing them various campaigns free of cost. 10 years of prominent and consistent service has provided an excellent reputation to Vakratundaya and Company Globally because of this initiative.

Prominent Clients and Projects:


  • Maximind Infotech Pvt Ltd

  • Infobeam PVT. LTD

  • Surge Base

  • Infa E Solutions

  • J Call Hub

  • Hyphasis Infotech Services LLP

  • Apeiron Business Solutions

  • Vinan Intranet

  • Saraj Enterprises

  • Singh Solution Pvt.Ltd

  • BPO Corporation

  • RS Technology

  • New Fornia Solution


  • Medical Billing

  • BTC Falcon

  • UK Telecom

  • CGX

  • DME Braces

  • PPO

  • Footbath

  • Solar Energy - Go Green

Indian Domestic Banking Campaigns:

ICICI, Yes Bank, Union Bank, State Bank of India, Citi Bank, Bank of Baroda, Federal Bank, Dhanlakshmi Bank, IDBI

Recent Developments:

In 2018, Vakratundaya and Company entered into a joint venture with Purple Media Incorporation to pool resources, collaborate and expand their reach further into the international market. So far, they have three well established offices located in India, The United States of America and Australia.

Please contact us with your requirements and we will help you now and in the future as well.

Contact Details:

Vakratundaya and Company

Sagarika Jewellers
Opp Labonya Gas Agency
Jorhat- 785001, Assam

Reg. No. 1909

raju@vakratundayaandcompany.com   skype id lordofundead1


452 NW 36th Ave.
Deerfield Beach

FL - 33442

United States


Vakratundaya and company

Suite 1A, Level 2
802-808, Pacific Hwy
Gordon, NSW